Wednesday, April 1, 2009

KWAITO IS DEAD a movement in 6 parts

This just might do nobody any good. At the end of reading this, it may be possible to say that I’m making a very comfortable positioning for many more uncomfortable. It could be said that is giving a platform to dangerous, and even heretical ideas. Flitting whispers, uttered in the taxi ranks and office corridors alike, the suburban streets and township backways, from the mudhuts to the mansions, people are giving voice to rumor and allegation. Now it must come to light. Well, here goes nothing. KWAITO IS DEAD. There, it’s out. Now go back and re read it again, slowly. KWAITO IS DEAD.

 You may not believe it, you may not like the way it sounds, you may not agree with it. It’s ok, denial is the first step to acceptance. But realize, that in death, there is liberation. In death there is change. Be willing to embrace that change and accept it. For only through acceptance of the truth can we gain an understanding of the present reality.

The truth is, evolution is calling. There are times when life calls for a transition, like the seasons. We have had our Spring together, breathing in the fresh air of the dawn in an era with M’du and Spikiri, Arthur, and Oskido, whose new style of music was like naked baby feet on fresh wet grass in the morning,

My man, back in the day, I used to beat program, slowing down those international house tracks and putting some African chanting over them. Those tracks like TRAFFIC COP were the birth of Kwaito, -OSKIDO

 Oskido’s elated reminiscence is evident in the timber of his voice over the phone. I managed to catch up with him in the midst of his busy schedule shuttling between, the UK and heading up one of the world’s most successful black owned record label empires. He continues to confront the rumour that Kwaito is dead like a proud father at his son’s graduation party,

Kwaito started from House Music and us putting our lyrics over it. When we first made that music no one said, ‘hey it has to stay at a certain BPM or it’s not Kwaito’ bull shit, to do that, to define it would be to put limitations on the music. There is no definition like that. You can’t do that. You have to change with the times, you can’t do the same beats. Most of the Kwaito that is doing well now is up-tempo, but it’s 100% Kwaito. Kwaito is not dead, Kwaito is a revolution!-OSKIDO

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